Do South Africans know the Constitution/Bill of Rights? A plan of action

What people do not know about the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights at any moment, tends to complicate the justice process and worsen our crime situation.

South Africans should be be exposed as often and deeply as possible to the tenets of the Constitution. I hereby suggest that the Bill Of Rights should be explained to everyone in workshop settings. These workshops would be paid for by people’s employers, unions, or school principals. In these workshops, people get to ask questions and get clarification on what the Constitution says and means.

The below petition is for this to be passed as Law, for employers and unions to send their staff and members on such workshops.

Employers that invest time, money and efforts into this exercise will get points, as on a BEE scorecard, which should give them access to benefits that those that don’t participate do not receive. Just as it happens with BEE.

That way, an increasing number of South Africans will be on the same page regarding what this country does and does not stand for and will understand the Bill Of Rights. If further intervention is indicated, the relevant departments will take necessary steps. At any rate,we can no longer afford to leave the sensitization of South Africans to chance: steps must be taken to make sure that every one of them knows what the Constitution says about everything it speaks about, and why.

Please sign the petition by clicking here

Thank you, and please share with others to that tangible efforts may be taken towards the transformation of South Africa into a country that looks, feels and acts like its Constitution.


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