At What Point Do We Get Rid of Jacob Zuma…?

The last thing we should be talking about at this time is how to unseat President Jacob Zuma.

But God help him if South Africans decided to do it now.

We’re going through a transition into coalition local governments. Apart from wards, municipalities and metros the ANC has retained, its access to lootable funds stands severely compromised. Vaguely and broadly speaking, where it has less than 50% of the vote, the ANC can solve this problem by horse-trading and coalitioning with other parties.

This gives South Africans a powerful opportunity to send this very clear message to the various parties:

If South Africans wouldn’t spare the ANC on account of their power-loving leader, what makes the lesser parties think we won’t withdraw their votes from them if they cooperate with a Zuma-led ANC, at any point at all?

By doing so, these parties would have chosen power, privilege and positions over people and principles; they’d have chosen expediency over excellence.

People could stop the horse-trading by clarifying that unless those parties wait until the ANC has recalled Jacob Zuma—in other words, unless they isolate the Zuma-led ANC until it is no longer Zuma leading the country—they would threaten to vote those parties out in 2019 as certainly as the ANC is being voted out now.

Imagine if people made this threat felt while the current bloodbath is happening. If they didn’t wait until the iron cooled. If they wanted to do this, now would be the time to flex, flex and flex the power. In fact, if not Zuma’s recall, people could demand anything between now and 2019, and get it.

If non-ANC people really wanted Zuma gone, it wouldn’t be enough for their parties to get signed promises that the various ANC branches would do something to get rid of Zuma: their parties would have to set a deadline and say, “Unless he has been recalled (and prosecution for his crimes is well underway from within the ANC) by date X, we will not go into a coalition with you. You’ll be left out in the cold.” And only once Jacob Zuma is gone would those people then say, “Sure, now we’ll stomach our parties’ talks with the ANC.”

Jacob Zuma would be proven a great liability. At the moment, his popularity has retained the ANC places nobody knows about. Johannesburg, Tshwane, EThekwini, Nelson Mandela Bay and the entire Western Cape province is where the money is. The ANC desperately needs to retain power there. And the way results are looking right now at 20:10 on Thursday, August 4, their only hope for power where power counts is in coalitions.

The people can withhold or give those coalitions on their terms and conditions—but they’d have to get vocal about it on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.  They would have to tell their parties that there is a line.  COPE, UDM, IFP, EFF, DA, AIC and the rest of the alphabet would have to be told that the ANC is anathema unless and until they can get rid of Jacob Zuma.

There are worries at the moment that with as much power as the DA seems to be gaining, white supremacy may return. This is solved the same way: “Do ___ or we’ll flush you down the toilet in 2019 as well.”

Votes have power. 2019 is around the corner. These are just thoughts. Possibilities. Suggestions. What do you think? What do you want from your political parties?

Thank you.

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