#CorruptFreeAfrica – “Corruption Via Tribalism” (competition entry)

Category: Non-Fiction

Each tribe’s greed-to-glory cannibalizes vulnerable people while allowing it to commit atrocities against competitor tribes.

Each one’s city walls have to be impenetrable, unconquerable and unrapable.

Being a machine of conquest and sovereignty, each civilization values the strength of its men.  Each man’s armor and body protect him from being stabbed, gored, penetrated or raped by another, while his weapons allow him to inflict the raping and the stabbing.  Each male body is the State in miniature.

When an invader does breach the fort that is the male body (which is a microcosm of the State) it brings shame and pain to the victim as well as the city he protects.  In the ancient world, experienced armies would add the final humiliation of raping the men of the cities they’d conquered.

The male body is so wired that in the over-stimulated disorientation of an adrenalin-fuelled moment, it can be brought to any extreme.  Nobody speaks about male rape because it sometimes has an “unexpected ending”, and the face of the rapist haunts and blackmails his victim forever.  “I have power over you, and on some level you wanted to give it to me”.

In the absence of scientific knowledge about the male anatomy and psyche, it was therefore believed that each male rape victim pretended to be a trustworthy guard for his city but really wanted front-line duty so that he could experience a pleasure that his culture and society did not cater for, receiving it at the hand and the “spear” of any man who’ll offer it even if he is the enemy.

From this primordial crisis emerged masculinity as crisis- and image-management; from this one invisible archetype of the shameful man and “failed” masculinity arose a preemptive, performative response to that crisis.  Masculinity as we know it is a panicked retreat from this raped man who is seen as feminine, weak or soft.  It holds  nourishing, diplomatic traits in contempt.  Homosexuality has been seen as the cancer in masculinity whereby masculinity abdicated itself and its role as a brick in the city wall – and perversely enjoyed every moment of its glorious undoing.

The gathering of heteropatriarchal entities such as the South African government with the ANC on the pinnacle, the various indigenous royalties and nobilities, and even the black male presidencies of neighboring countries, have silently watched over the coats of those that stone lesbian and gay persons across Africa.

With every election, most black South Africans vote their culture, tribe and tribal representative into office in order to assert the superiority of their own tribesmen over every other – the Zulus over the Xhosas and the Sothos – thus vindicating their ancient claim to supremacy, conquering power and unrapability as a nation.  By voting, each tribe gathers in its numbers to establish invincibility and immortality for itself lest it be consumed by other nations.

And that’s why the ANC will remain in power “until Jesus returns” in spite of its corruption.  So nothing even gets achieved for or by the black majority to vindicate the whole scheme.

When tribalism disguises itself as patriotism, everything hides in double-talk.  No words mean what they’re supposed to mean.  Accountability, truth, justice, transparency, democracy, Constitution, republic, God and State – it’s all lip service used to disguise, divide and conquer.  The government could play the Zulus off against the Xhosas by illicitly passing over Xhosas for Stare posts, giving them to the Zulus.  There are no principles: there are only circumstances, shortcuts and underhanded dealings.  Above law, these political and traditional leaders uphold and defend “African tradition” from the ravages of colonialism – and they’re so good, they defend African culture against colonialism from their houses in Sandton, their vehicles from Germany, their suits from Italy, accounts in Switzerland and while smoking their cigars from Cuba.  Then they blame apartheid and white people for their subjects’ suffering.  Eventual white genocide is optional but if white taxpayers continue to cooperate like they’ve been doing, the thought won’t even cross anybody’s minds the way it so violently crossed their minds with that little appetizer of Sowetan xenophobic attacks against scapegoated foreigners.  The government doesn’t want to admit that there’s a xenophobia problem because that would mean admitting its complicity in playing up the tribalistic tendencies of one group against the other.

Bad leaders need tribalism.  Tribalism needs homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and racism.

Tribalism 101 says every woman has to find a man who embodies everything one’s tribe wishes to be.  The social group as a whole has to reject men who do not fit into the picture of masculinity that protects its tribalistic priorities.  Likewise, the people have to find a leader, or a “husband” that represents everything the tribe wishes to be – able to rape without being raped and conquer without being conquered.  Patriarchy is phallogocentrism, the worshiping and privileging of the conquering and raping power of men.  But this phallic idol we trusting in thrusts into all it comes across, impaling its worshipers.

Praising it, the voting majority has asked to be ravaged, broken and eaten up by this phallocentric god.  To be raped.  They display the very shame they point out in homosexuals.  They voting majority wants to be fucked by its government, and is willing to throw away its right to decent service so that it can be fucked by its government just as the stereotyped homosexual is willing to throw away everything that is represented by his masculinity in order to be fucked.

It has become the thing it feared becoming and is experiencing the thing it feared experiencing.

This rigidly held insistence on this myth of its unrapability is the reason the majority keeps getting raped.  It’s why beaten wives go back and betrayed voters keep voting.

Awareness is the first step out of the maize.

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