Power From, By And To The People #Eskom

Don’t tell me no, tell me how


I asked which private companies were ready to take the baton from Eskom. Respondent said we should use crowd-funding for each province, and the more each province crowd-funded the less it needed to pay for power.

Yes, I know, State-protected monopoly…

Look, do we wanna be free and do we want reliable power at reasonable prices, or not? It really comes down to that.

So how?

One thought on “Power From, By And To The People #Eskom

  1. The Nobel prize winning economist Hayek said that the best economic solutions are those that are devolved as far down as possible … I feel that each house can be used to generate power .. and then we only need base loading facilities for the spikes ……. first each house ,then each metro ,then each province or area and only then by central government ..this goes against old national party politics that the ANC has inherited and embraced and thats to try and centralise power and control because of their cokamamie National. Democratic Revolution ( which is nothing but old style 1960’s marxism )Thats why we have the situation we have ..Eskom is really a dinosaur from another age.

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