Parliament Accepts Jacob Zuma’s Resignation

It is generally understood that for a decision to count, its maker(s) must be of sound mind. Without knocking the millions who have gone through a perfectly human battle with mental illness, I submit that our National Assembly is arguably not of sound mind. There is proof of this in every front page news headline from last Friday morning.

Someone might say that Parliament has not announced Zuma’s resignation. But that doesn’t meant they haven’t accepted it. The drama we witnessed was a result of their denial that he has resigned. They accepted his resignation and it sent them into a mental breakdown. The Sunday Times reported that Jacob Zuma had demanded that ANC MPs use their numbers to “crush opposition” and its combined challenge to ANC authority. Helen Zille commented that this proved him unfit to lead a democracy. In this and many other ways, Jacob Zuma de-facto resigned from his position as President of the Republic of South Africa insofar as that presidency is defined by the Constitution. The seat that the majority of the National Assembly bent back over backwards to protect is unoccupied. The extent to which they went to protect him is proof that the Constitution by itself is no longer sufficient to defend his presidency. Brute force was needed – and it was used – because Jacob Zuma is no longer President, Parliament knows it, and the ANC side of it went nuts trying to deny it.

Jacob Zuma also has resigned in the minds of many South Africans through the hashtags #FormerPresidentJacobZuma and #ZumasResigned. “Has it been confirmed? It would be all over the news’ headlines!” But Jacob Zuma’s resignation hinges not on what he (for he does not make sound choices for the country) nor Parliament (Parliament cannot make sound choices at all right now) nor the ANC (the ANC only makes choices for the ANC) chooses. It depends on our decision on the matter. The media won’t confirm Zuma’s resignation; rather, it is we who have to tell the media that #ZumasResigned.

We, who have accepted his resignation, have rubber-stamped, approved and filed Zuma’s resignation away safely in our minds. We are as satisfied as the incestuously conceived intra-party, inter-ministerial task teams, ad-hoc committees, tribunals and other multiplying yes-men and light-bulb changers are of Jacob Zuma’s newborn-baby innocence over Nkandlagate, that this resignation is legitimate. We will not dignify that nightmarish figment of our collective imagination, that charade, which was Zuma’s term in office, with even a half-forged resignation letter any more than we accept that the Olympic-sized dam in his Nkandla yard is a “fire pool”. We thusly authenticate Zuma’s resignation with a proof whose dignity and legitimacy are proportional to the dignity and legitimacy he brought to his term in office. To ask for more would be unreasonable.

“This doesn’t create real change”, they say. “Our just saying he has resigned doesn’t mean he’s really resigned.” What would constitute a “real” resignation on Jacob Zuma’s part? Last week, we saw National Assembly and its processes dissolve to chaos. What is “serious” about the lies told to protect him? The National Assembly has as much combined solemnity and dignity as the people project on it. And in view of last Thursday’s debacle, that’s saying more about the people’s resolute imaginations than about the thing they apply their collective imaginations to. I am not arguing that South Africans stop taking Parliament seriously: I am pointing out that deliberately or not, Parliament has already beaten the people to that.

Former President Zuma swore to uphold the Constitution of South Africa. What do his oath and his signature count for if he could break a promise of that magnitude? “Zuma must go,” they say. But Zuma is gone. “Zuma must step down,” they say. He has taken the Office as low as it could be taken. There is nowhere lower for him to step down to.

Tweeting #ZumasResigned makes it more solemnly binding and true with every retweet. Because, when just about every political system, process and institution is based on a lie, your hashtag is king.

Be gentle yet firm in correcting those who don’t “get it” as yet; feel free to send them the link to this article whether they are newspaper editors, your friends on Facebook or your next door neighbor. Tell it to those who still have a picture of Former President Jacob Zuma hanging on their office wall to take it down and wait for the next president to be sworn in.

Because Zuma is no longer the President of South Africa. People are starting to get this. They’ve seen the truth and have made the brave decision to stick to it regardless of cost or consequence. #ZumasResigned. About time, too.


Edited 18/11/2014 16:42


7 thoughts on “Parliament Accepts Jacob Zuma’s Resignation

  1. Now that Zuma has resigned much to everyones relief,there is an outstanding issue that I feel needs to brought into the daylight .. While the PP could only investigate the government side of things about Nkandla there is of course a much bigger side to this . and thats the private sector side. Now when this issue first broke , I looked at pictures of the complex and as a property developer /project manager could see there was no way that 264 million could have been spent on the whole place. Lets forget about the argument as to what constitutes a security upgrade ie chicken run ,firepool etc. I think this is small potatoes.. Let go back .. Zuma was building his rondawels with a bit of the old bribe money fromThales and he managed to get a bond of R 985000 from FNB apparently by Mac Maharaj pulling a few strings when he was a director there,Banks are reluctant to lend money on leased land. Firstly you need a long term lease that needs to be registered in a deeds office and the bond needs to be reflected on here as the security … so far so good ..nothing untoward yet ,Corruption needs a Zuma but it also needs an opportunity and that came along with the National Key points act ..This meant conflating the project and no one could investigate or one had a cover story .. we have all heard this story… the real issue is this .. where did Mr Z get the money for the houses .. he says he has a bond but has anyone seen this ..the documents are in the public domain and anyone can access them …I guess the deeds office in Maritzburg must have them.. who is this bond with ,how much is it for .Banks are reluctant to give “old people ” twenty year bonds ,banks are reluctant to give bonds on leased land ,banks want security and Nkandla is not a hot selling area …… So if he got a bond then fine but has anyone seen the cost of the houses ? No ….. is the bond enough to cover the cost of such dwellings .. So far R 985000 gets you 100 m2 of medium cost housing….. its doesnt get one 2000 – 3000 m2 of luxury rondawel .. that would cost about R 30 to R 50000 million without siteworks .. Now there seemed to be an unexplained 60 million item in one report … coincidence . If cash was paid then where did the cash come from .Mr Zuma doesnt earn enough and has a costly lifestyle ,, then if it was a gift from a benefactor ..was gift tax paid .. if it was a personal loan then if this loan is not able to be repaid then the court would view this as a generally corrupt relationship as it did in the Shaik saga.. Now lets move on…. a leopard doesnt change it spots or get religion …. so you have all the ingredients including the same architect .. the QS works for PWD and was supposed to run two accounts one state one private ..thats normal one for the us one for the tenants is standard practice… and then they got sidelined. At one time this rose to ten millon Zumas side then this disapeared down to 2 mil and even that has disappeared it seems The architect certifies the work …. Lets say that the builders involved .. who are dodgy at best and also part of the patronage network system .. they simply transfer price and the state pays for the houses..This is why Zuma and the ANC are desperate to keep this out of court.. why ? because the theft is much bigger than anyone imagines

    Its really simple to unravel ..a narcissist like Mr Z having Hubris syndrome doesnt bother about nuts and bolts.These guys never do…… I mean where did the other R 150 to R 200 million go exactly .. if you take the original budget R 27m and by a real long stretch you run over by 100 percent thats only R 54 m and ive never had a job over by more than ten percent because jobs have a contingency anyway… there is 150 m to 200 “missing” Lets be really slack government style and say the budget crept up 100 percent to R 54m and the cost went to R 108 .. there is still approx R 150 m missing ? or is there something Im not getting.. A forensic audit plus a independent QS valuation could resolve this in no time at all.My belief is that the builders inflated the costs to the state,the architect signed them off because he was getting his fee on this anyway and we paid for the HOUSES as well as the firepool and maybe even a large lump of retirement money in cash..Its simple to unravel.. follow the money

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